The Vocal Sanctuary Podcast

Episode 10: Featuring Magda Kay

May 21, 2022 Season 1 Episode 10
The Vocal Sanctuary Podcast
Episode 10: Featuring Magda Kay
Show Notes

Today, I’m joined by the internationally known intimacy expert and Sacred Sexuality Teacher, Madga Kay. She is a Tantra Teacher and a Relationship Coach for Men and Women, Singles and all forms of partnerships. In her work she combines ancient teachings of sacred sexuality, yoga and energy work, together with social psychology and human behavior. She is helping normalize the conversation about intimacy and sexuality. She is introducing Tantra in the West, by translating Tantric philosophy and practices into the modern world and modern needs.

She studied in Nepal, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Bali, she’s worked with shamans and healers and has gone through many personal initiations. Today she travels the world helping unlock the flow of sexual energy for more passion and aliveness in every person's life.

Podcast Recap: 

  • Tips to create from pleasure and she guides us through an experience to turn yourself on!
  • Hear her wise perspective on masculine and feminine energies and how we naturally embody both.
  • Cues to know when you’re out of balance  

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