The Vocal Sanctuary Podcast

Episode 11: Featuring Jules Schroeder

May 28, 2022 Season 1 Episode 11
The Vocal Sanctuary Podcast
Episode 11: Featuring Jules Schroeder
Show Notes

Today, I’m joined by amazing visionary and experience creator, Jules.  Ranked by Inc. Magazine as #1 of the “Top 27 Female Entrepreneurs Changing the World” and one of the “Top 40 Millennials To Follow”, Jules Schroeder is a musician and visionary on a mission to inspire people to create a life by their own design.

With this vision, Jules created Unconventional Life, a Forbes column and top-ranked podcast for entrepreneurs that features the stories of millennials living from this new paradigm. Unconventional Life has reached millions of people from over seventy-five different countries and has become a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, influencers, creatives, and thought leaders. Jules herself has always been multi-passionate as an avid cross fitter, yoga teacher, musician and singer, writer, avid traveler and overall life enthusiast.

Podcast Recap: 

  •  Preparing your body for the moment to create. 
  • Jules shares a freestyle flow, inspired in the moment. 
  • Her story connecting with her voice and what it means now to live an empowered and wildly expressed life. 
  • From talking to a producer on a yacht to producing her next album in LA. How the Universe conspires in your favor and presents you with people on your path you could have never planned. 

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