The Vocal Sanctuary Podcast

Episode 16: Featuring Eva Clay

February 03, 2023 Season 2 Episode 16
The Vocal Sanctuary Podcast
Episode 16: Featuring Eva Clay
Show Notes

An acclaimed sexologist, psychotherapist and academic, for over two decades Eva's been following her mission to illuminate the ménage-a-trois of soul, sex, and science. Eva's courses are a robust marriage of the profound and the playful, and as a former professor of neuroscience, she bodaciously reminds us that smart is sexy. She's trained extensively in mind-body therapies such as Somatic Experiencing, Gestalt, Imago Couples Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness, and has had the honor of working with some of the great teachers of our time - including David Deida, Esther Perel, Harville Hendrix, Dan Seigel, and many others.  When she's not teaching, you'll find her making mayhem on a dance floor.

In the episode: 

  • Eva talks about using our voice to step authentically into our true nature and unlock our potential for pleasure. 
  •  We dive into ways to cultivate and look for pleasure in our lives as a birthright by training our brain to a new level of frequency.
  • Mention the importance of vocal communication in our relationships using our metaphoric voice and intonation. 

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