The Vocal Sanctuary Podcast

Episode 19: Featuring Girish

April 28, 2023 Season 2 Episode 19
The Vocal Sanctuary Podcast
Episode 19: Featuring Girish
Show Notes

Girish is an eclectic artist with roots in jazz, world, and sacred music. His musical talents find expression in a wide array of instruments – including tablas, world percussion, guitar, harmonium, and voice.

For as long as he can remember, Girish has created rhythm to accompany life. When he was eight years old, his parents gave him a little red snare drum as a bargaining tool to stop him from banging on everything else in the house.

Drumming has always been instinctual to Girish, flowing freely from his fingers and knowing no musical bounds. In his teens, he started experimenting with pop, rock, jazz and orchestral music. His first experience of music as sacred art came in college, playing with jazz bands. "During improvisational sessions," he recalls, "there were these unexplainable moments of synchronicity and intuition that felt like magic."

These moments came just as Girish was feeling pulled toward a sacred life. A college philosophy class inspired him to explore spirituality through Kundalini yoga, meditation, and the study of Eastern scriptures. By the time of his college graduation, Girish was so deep into these practices that he decided to move into an ashram in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Thus began an unexpected journey-a seeming detour that inadvertently nourished his musical artistry. 

In this Episode: 

  • The irrational desire to sing 
  • "Golden lotus" moments in singing
  • Intuitive songwriting, beyond music theory 
  • Taking the creative leap alternative to suffering
  • Who are you after releasing an album? 
  • Musical treat from Girish 

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