The Vocal Sanctuary Podcast

Episode 20: Featuring Caytlyn Dee

June 08, 2023 Season 2 Episode 20
The Vocal Sanctuary Podcast
Episode 20: Featuring Caytlyn Dee
Show Notes

Caytlyn is the founder of Integrative Pelvic Care. Through her online & in person work she supports women of the world in liberating their body from pain & trauma to reclaim their innate power, wisdom, and capacity to heal.

She developed her methodology through her own journey of healing from chronic pain and debilitating symptoms over more than a decade of trial and error. Having survived a traumatic childhood, domestic abuse, and the grief of losing a sibling, she has a deep understanding of the physical and emotional impact that traumatic experiences have on us and how we can alchemize those experiences to return to a deep sense of belonging in our bodies and on this earth. 

In this Episode: 

  • Emotional trauma and the importance of whole body care. 
  • Integrating the pelvis for self trust, confidence and safety.
  • Reclaiming the voice for revolutionary results through somatic healing, nervous system and integrative pelvic care
  • The connection between jaw and pelvis.

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